Carbide Anvils Sintered Diamond Anvils
Selecting carbide materials, anvils and truncation dimensions, production time, etc., we produce them to meet your requests.

Up to 20mm per side
Anvil Tops, Seats, Covers Truncation Jigs
27 mm2 or 50 mm2 anvil tops of carbide or high-speed steel.
For efficient, high-precision truncation using a surface grinding machine.

Dummy Cubes (cupper, stainless steel, aluminum) Collet Chuck for Pellets and Pressure Media
Made to required specifications: 32 mm3, 55 mm3, etc.

Any size or shape you require
Hand Press for Pellets and Pressure Media Drilling Machine with Microscope for Pellets and Pressure Medium
Stable operation with load confirmation
This precision vice shifts with extremely high precision from the microscope location to the drilling location. These locations are determined by the microscopes. After the drilling, the microscope is used again to confirm processing accuracy.

Thickness Adjustment Jig for Pellets and Pressure Media Formation Tool for Pellets and Pressure Media
Measuring screw adjusts grinding allowance on sandpaper tool for hand polishing
Just specify the material and dimensions of the pellets, and the pressure medium.

Diamond End-mills for Brittle Materials Re-grinding of Carbide Cutting Tools for Brittle Materials
Standard inventory: blades of 4 or 6 (shank diameter 6)
Designed according to Narutaki Theory, this cutter has the ideal blade shape and material for the milling of brittle minerals.

We revise your carbide end-mills and drills into the blades you need for processing brittle minerals

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